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Puerto Rico

Defense Breakdown Economic Impact Report
By Contractor Location Data -- Sorted by City

(FY 2012 Defense Contracts Baseline Data)

Estimated 9% to 18% Annual Budget Reductions Starting in FY 2013

Go to to view detailed reports on Puerto Rico counties, cities, Congressional Districts, industries, small businesses and information on sources and methodology.


  • Our military is carrying an unfair burden of deficit cuts. To date, our Defense budget has been hit with 50% of deficit reduction -- yet it accounts for less than 20% of total federal spending. As a result of these cuts, in 2012 President Obama limited U.S. military capability to fighting one "regional conflict" and one "holding action."
  • Sequestration Defense budget cuts of $500 billion, combined with previous Defense cuts of another $487 billion, will cut defense spending in local communities by 9% to 18% between 2013 and 2021.
  • These reports show how estimates of defense budget reductions from 9% to 18% could affect Puerto Rico with cuts in defense jobs and businesses. Ask your elected officials for ongoing updates on how these defense cuts will affect your community.
  • Alternative solutions have been proposed to maintain a strong defense, reduce our deficit and avoid tax increases. Elected officials have proposed that the President and Congress reduce mandatory entitlement spending and make cuts in the non-security programs in the Federal budget. Over 60% of federal spending goes to entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now Obamacare.

StateContract YearCityContract Count$ AmountReduction
   by 9.0%
   by 18.0%
Puerto Rico2012Aguadilla6$423,550-$38,120-$76,239
Puerto Rico2012Aibonito3$928,487-$83,564-$167,128
Puerto Rico2012Arecibo3$952,181-$85,696-$171,393
Puerto Rico2012Barceloneta2$85,971-$7,737-$15,475
Puerto Rico2012Barranquitas3$803,206-$72,289-$144,577
Puerto Rico2012Bayamon36$3,472,465-$312,522-$625,044
Puerto Rico2012Boqueron1$6,840-$616-$1,231
Puerto Rico2012Cabo Rojo1$20,728-$1,866-$3,731
Puerto Rico2012Caguas45$1,056,763-$95,109-$190,217
Puerto Rico2012Canovanas1$54,398-$4,896-$9,792
Puerto Rico2012Carolina41$2,338,418-$210,458-$420,915
Puerto Rico2012Catano6$550,948-$49,585-$99,171
Puerto Rico2012Cayey2$14,873-$1,339-$2,677
Puerto Rico2012Ceiba2$11,539-$1,039-$2,077
Puerto Rico2012Ciales1$203,767-$18,339-$36,678
Puerto Rico2012Cidra1$0$0$0
Puerto Rico2012Coamo4$531,631-$47,847-$95,694
Puerto Rico2012Comerio11$9,602,550-$864,230-$1,728,459
Puerto Rico2012Coto Laurel1$3,353-$302-$604
Puerto Rico2012Culebra1$6,495-$585-$1,169
Puerto Rico2012Dorado4$123,442-$11,110-$22,220
Puerto Rico2012Fajardo1$767-$69-$138
Puerto Rico2012Fort Buchanan3$10,344-$931-$1,862
Puerto Rico2012Guanica1$3,095,264-$278,574-$557,148
Puerto Rico2012Guayama2$72,000-$6,480-$12,960
Puerto Rico2012Guaynabo43$32,836,309-$2,955,268-$5,910,536
Puerto Rico2012Gurabo7$721,124-$64,901-$129,802
Puerto Rico2012Hormigueros1$101,192-$9,107-$18,215
Puerto Rico2012Humacao2$407,175-$36,646-$73,292
Puerto Rico2012Isabela1$85,902-$7,731-$15,462
Puerto Rico2012Lajas1$727,673-$65,491-$130,981
Puerto Rico2012Lares2$291,277-$26,215-$52,430
Puerto Rico2012Las Marias2$7,971,431-$717,429-$1,434,858
Puerto Rico2012Las Piedras1$2,900-$261-$522
Puerto Rico2012Luquillo10$1,353,053-$121,775-$243,550
Puerto Rico2012Manati1$236,734-$21,306-$42,612
Puerto Rico2012Mayaguez20$33,704,770-$3,033,429-$6,066,859
Puerto Rico2012Mercedita2$14,793-$1,331-$2,663
Puerto Rico2012Morovis1$0$0$0
Puerto Rico2012Naguabo1$10,321-$929-$1,858
Puerto Rico2012Naranjito6$624,251-$56,183-$112,365
Puerto Rico2012Orocovis3$23,182,015-$2,086,381-$4,172,763
Puerto Rico2012Parma4$523,440-$47,110-$94,219
Puerto Rico2012Penuelas1$128,347-$11,551-$23,102
Puerto Rico2012Ponce24$17,072,360-$1,536,512-$3,073,025
Puerto Rico2012Rio Grande2$67,000-$6,030-$12,060
Puerto Rico2012Sabana Grande1$3,098,840-$278,896-$557,791
Puerto Rico2012Salinas14$218,317-$19,649-$39,297
Puerto Rico2012San Juan150$14,553,654-$1,309,829-$2,619,658
Puerto Rico2012San Lorenzo3$38,457,312-$3,461,158-$6,922,316
Puerto Rico2012San Sebastian2$3,819,439-$343,750-$687,499
Puerto Rico2012Santa Isabel6$252,868-$22,758-$45,516
Puerto Rico2012Toa Alta12$864,318-$77,789-$155,577
Puerto Rico2012Toa Baja13$951,563-$85,641-$171,281
Puerto Rico2012Trujillo Alto5$36,874,668-$3,318,720-$6,637,441
Puerto Rico2012Vega Alta1$34,400-$3,096-$6,192
Puerto Rico2012Vega Baja2$222,540-$20,029-$40,057
Puerto Rico2012Yauco3$222,111-$19,990-$39,980
TOTAL  529$244,002,077-$21,960,194-$43,920,378

Data sources and more data available at, compiled from public data at

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