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Contracting Office
DSCC Maritime Supplier
Colombus, Ohio
What do they procure?
antennas, waveguides & related eq; electronic modules; valves, nonpowered; curcuit breakers; power and hand pumps; electrical & electronic properties, meas & test instruments
Military Branch
Functional Description
DLA Maritime Supplier Operations exists to sustain and enhance our customer's readiness by providing what our customers need, when they need it, whether in combat, on peacekeeping missions around the world, or training at their home bases. We manage 1.6M Items: Mechanical Pumps, Compressors Valves, Hose & Tube, Fittings, Bearings, Packing & Gaskets, Electrical Wire & cable, switches, relays, transformers, antennas, resistors, microcircuits from 5000 Suppliers: Dealers and Manufacturers: Marotta (Valves) York (Compressors) Timken (Bearings) Raytheon (Electronics) Amphenol (Connectors). We handle 352K Contract Actions Worth $1.7B with our approximate 850 Employees on 32 Integrated Supplier Teams at 3 Sites.
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