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DSC Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
What do they procure?
guns, through 30mm; guns, over 30mm up to 75mm; guns, 75mm through 125mm; guns, over 125mm through 150mm; guns, over 150mm through 200mm; guns, over 200mm through 300mm; chemical weapons & eq; launchers, torpedo & depth charge; launchers, rocket & pyrotechnic; degaussing & mine sweeping eq; camouflage & deception eq; accessory interchange between weapons in 2 or more classes; misc weapons; guided missile comps; guided missile remote control systems; launchers, guided missiles; guided missile handling & servicing eq; switches; valves, nonpowered; indoor & outdoor electric lighting fixtures; engine fuel systme comps, nonaircraft; antennas, waveguides & related eq
Military Branch
Functional Description
The Defense Supply Center, Columbus, also called DSCC, is one of three Inventory Control Points of the Defense Logistics Agency. The major organization on base is known as DLA Land and Maritime. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) is also a major tenant on base.
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