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Contracting Office
ACA, Fort Knox
Fort Knox, Kentucky
What do they procure?
misc weapons; optical sighting & ranging eq; misc fire control eq; ammunition, through 30mm; land mines; cartridge & propellant actuated devices & components; specialized ammo handling & servicing eq; passenger motor vehicles; weapons maint/rep shop spec eq; lumber & related basic wood materials; telephone & telegraph eq; comm security eq & comps; radio & TV comm eq, except airborne; headsets, handsets, microphones & speakers; misc alarm, signal & security detection systems; medical & surgical instruments, eq & supplies; laboratory eq & supplies; training aids; ADPE & ADP eq; environmental studies & assessments; defense studies; maint/rep of various eq (aircraft ground handling eq; training aids & devices; power distribution eq, etc.); lab esting svcs; nursing svcs; radiology svcs; maint of various buildings, facilities & infrastructure (admin & service buildings; highways, roads, streets & bridges, etc.)
Military Branch
Functional Description
The MICC Center - Fort Knox contracts for a wide spectrum of services, supplies, and maintenance and construction for activities located at Fort Knox and satellite organizations.
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