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Contracting Office
ACA, Fort Hood
Fort Hood, TX
What do they procure?
guns, through 30mm; guns, 75mm through 125mm; assembly interchange between weapons in 2 or more classes; misc weapons; explosive & pyrotechnic comps, nuclear ordnance; optical sighting & ranging eq; airframe structural comps; misc aircraft accys & comps; misc special industry machinery; cranes & crane-shovels; petroleum production & distribution eq; fire fighting eq; hazardous mat spill cont & clean-up eq &mat; safety & rescue eq; misc plumbing, heating & sanitation eq; motor vehical maint/rep shop specialized eq; comm security eq & comps; radio & TV comm eq, except airborne; radio & TV comm eq, airborne; video recording & reproducing eq; night vision eq, emitted & reflected radiation; optical instruments, test eq, comps & accys; maint/rep of various eq (especially weapons & aircraft comps & accys); operation of airport termianls, electronic & comm facilities, dining facilities & other misc facilities; logistics support svcs; maint of various buildings, facilities & infrastructure (especially maintenance buildings & automative facilities & housing facilities)
Military Branch
Functional Description
provide contracting support to the installation and its partners in excelelnce. Provide individual training for contingency contracting Soldiers.
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